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Meet Our Donors

We are grateful for the generous support of our planned gift donors. Their generosity makes a difference, and here are some of their stories.

Renée M. Black

My grandfather always stressed to me the importance of being kind and paying it forward. Today I carry on my grandfather's legacy through my support of nursing scholarships. My goal is to support those who are continuing to work toward a degree, because I know that degree can make all the difference in the world and I truly believe nursing is one of the best careers. Making a planned gift through the Roper St. Francis Foundation is my way of paying it forward. It is my hope that each nursing scholarship recipient will one day be inspired to pay it forward in their own way as well.

Hank and Laurel Greer

Including Roper St. Francis in our will is our way of perpetuating the gifts we make now – from Cancer Care to the Greer Transitions Clinic. We enlarged our bequest last year with a second planned gift because we’re proud of the work Roper St. Francis does for our community and we want to support their efforts into the future.

Jim and Courtney Buxton

Roper St. Francis has long been a wellspring of community for our family for three generations. Our choice to make a planned gift is to return thanks now and to pay forward our support for the staff, nurses and doctors beyond our time.

Martha and Pat Waters

Pat: I'm committed to Roper St. Francis Healthcare because of the quality of service of healthcare they render, not just for me but for all people. My gifts are to help sustain and carry on the good work that is being done by all of the physicians, as well as the staff, at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

Martha: Several years ago my mom received treatment for cancer at Roper St. Francis and then became a patient at Roper Rehabilitation. After that, Pat and I decided to give a gift annuity to Roper St. Francis, which not only provides an annual income for our family but helps to ensure that others will receive the same wonderful treatment that my mom did.

Robert and Sherrie Mason

My wife and I have left Roper St. Francis as a secondary beneficiary to our IRAs. The reason we did this was because we believe in Roper St. Francis and their services and the excellent care that they give to the community. This gift is given specifically to help in the research and service of melanoma, of which I am a survivor. Our most recent gift will go toward Roper St. Francis’ volunteer program as this is a program that we feel makes a tremendous impact on the healthcare system.

Fred Worsham, MD

I was born at Roper Hospital and I have always been impressed with the dedication everybody in this organization brings to the institution and the patients who come here. I have left a gift to the Roper St. Francis Foundation, and one of the things that has most impressed me recently is the development of the palliative care program. My mother recently passed away at 97, and without that program she would have ended up dying in the hospital and we would not have been able to be with her at the moment that she passed away. It was a great gift to us, and it was a great gift to her.

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